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Dr. Amy Ramos

Dr. Amy Ramos is a veterinarian in Smyrna with an interest in internal medicine and client education.

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Dr. Amy Ramos, Smyrna Veterinarian

Dr. Ramos, DVM

Dr. Amy Ramos is a graduate of Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine (War Eagle)! Her veterinary interests include internal medicine and client education. She is passionate about heartworm prevention and absolutely ADORES working with German Shepherd dogs. Dr. Ramos is a southern native having lived in Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Florida.  As a young girl, she also lived in Germany for several years instilling in her a deep love for cakes and chocolate of all sorts. When not at work, Dr. Ramos enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and their rabbit Bunnicula, who is named after one of her favorite children’s books.

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